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Product Market Fit intern



Posted on Monday, April 1, 2024

Product Market Fit Intern


INTERNSHIP – ON-SITE – From April 2024 (3-9 Months)

Join our team at FOTONIQ as a Product Market Fit Intern and play a pivotal role in exploring the feasibility and market potential of our innovative image-based light measurement system in the horticultural sector. As a Strategic Product Design student (or similar), you will embark on an exciting journey to analyze, strategize, and co-create solutions that revolutionize the way (diffuse) daylight, and its effect on the indoor climate, is measured in agricultural settings.

Who we are

At FOTONIQ, we are dedicated to advancing sustainable innovation in agriculture. Our flagship product ‘PAR+’ is a horticultural spray coating solution designed to enhance crop yield, quality, and energy efficiency by making incoming daylight diffuse without light loss, in a sustainable manner. This makes cultivation more efficient, sustainable, and profitable for growers. Offering a great retrofitting solution for existing greenhouse structures to boost their economic lifetime and value, and improve the overall sustainability of the industry.

By optimizing natural light conditions through an easily applicable and durable spray coating, we aim to empower growers to achieve optimal crop growth and productivity. Over the years, we have conducted extensive testing of PAR+ in greenhouse projects involving various crops such as peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. As we expand our reach to more clients and develop our next-generation product, monitoring lighting conditions becomes crucial for validating the effectiveness of our coating and informing our internal advancements.

Our work environment at FOTONIQ is characterized by a supportive and laid-back culture. We believe in fostering a collaborative atmosphere where creativity and innovation thrive. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and encourage our team members to explore new ideas and approaches without undue pressure.

Internship overview

In our projects, we meticulously track changes in lighting conditions resulting from the application of our diffuse coating. This monitoring not only validates the impact of our coating but also serves as valuable input for our ongoing product development efforts. To achieve this, we currently rely on Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensors to measure light intensity within the greenhouse environment.

Now, we are seeking to explore alternative methods for light measurement, particularly through innovative image-based techniques. As a Product Market Fit Intern, you will play a pivotal role in investigating the feasibility and market potential of transitioning from PAR sensors to image-based light measurement solutions. By leveraging your strategic product design skills and interdisciplinary expertise, you will contribute to enhancing our understanding of light dynamics in greenhouses and furthering our mission of sustainable innovation in agriculture. Join us in shaping the future of horticultural technology and making a positive impact on global agriculture!


  1. Innovative Design and Strategy Development: Apply methodological rigour, theoretical knowledge, and ethical practices to evaluate our innovative solution for light measurement in the horticultural industry. Develop accompanying strategies to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the image-based Light measurement system.
  1. Cross-Disciplinary Analysis: Utilize a variety of tools and techniques to analyse economic and societal trends, technological advancements, and stakeholder interests in the horticultural sector. Identify and understand the interdependencies among different stakeholders to develop holistic solutions.
  1. Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to co-create future visions, strategies, and design value propositions for light measurement. Engage stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to ensure inclusivity and sustainability in the design process.
  1. Sustainable Design Principles: Translate innovation strategies, visions, and information into just and sustainable design and engineering guidelines for the image-based light measurement system. Incorporate ethical considerations and environmental stewardship principles into the design and development process.


  • Currently enrolled in a Master's program in Strategic Product Design, Industrial Design, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Strong analytical and research skills, with the ability to synthesize complex data and information.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to engage with diverse stakeholders and facilitate co-creation processes.
  • Passion for sustainability, innovation, and creating positive social impact through design.
  • Leadership experience or demonstrated ability to provide strategic input in a team setting.


  • Opportunity to work on a cutting-edge technology project with real-world applications in the horticultural industry.
  • Hands-on experience in strategic product design, market research, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Mentorship from industry professionals and exposure to a dynamic work environment.
  • Potential for future employment opportunities based on performance and business needs.

How to apply

If you are interested in knowing more about this position and us, send an email (with your CV and cover letter) to hr@fotoniq.com with the vacancy PS-006 in the title.

Sounds interesting?

We're happy to hear that! Get in touch with us and tell us why you're applying for this position. We'll get back to you very soon!