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Agro Partners has been a well-known name in greenhouse construction since 1984. Agro Partners is active all over the world, with an emphasis on the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. As a greenhouse builder, we can safely call ourselves all-round. By building greenhouses, both Venlo and wide-span, fitted with glass and/or sandwich panels, we can meet almost all your wishes.
Albotherm offers a smart transitioning coating technology that regulates the temperature of surfaces and structures without the need for energy input. When temperatures rise above a determined trigger temperature, our technology reversibly transitions from clear to white, reflecting away unwanted light to prevent overheating.
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Alcomij is an independent, versatile supplier to the horticultural market. Alcomij develops and produces steel structures and aluminium systems for building greenhouses. Thanks to its acquisition of the system houses Alcoa and Alkupro Alcomij has the most versatile product range in the sector. For the solar industry Alcomij has a system solution for every solar-panel application. In addition, Alcomij supplies logistics solutions to the horticulture industry, such as aluminium flower trolleys, aluminium benches for potted plants, and customer-specific crates. Alcomij has experience and expertise in the development and production of logistics solutions, such as the one-trolley project at FloraHolland. Alcomij employs around 100 people and manufactures these products to suit customers’ specific wishes and on a project basis in a modern plant with a highly industrial character. Product innovation and quality (ISO9001/CE-certified) are an essential part of the company’s strategy. Alcomij’s products are often exported all over the world.
Als internationaal leverancier van een breed pakket aan technische producten zijn we een bedrijf waar veel andere fabrikanten en installateurs op kunnen rekenen: onder meer die van kassen, kas-scherminstallaties en kas-luchtmechaniek. Ook zijn we inzetbaar voor industriële bewerkingen zoals het bewerken van buizen, het lassen met robots, draadbewerking, plaatbewerking etc. Om onze producten met de grootst mogelijke efficiency en flexibiliteit te produceren staat een compleet machinepark klaar: moderne lasrobots, zaag- en verspaanapparatuur, zware excenterpersen, een ponsnibbelautomaat, een geavanceerde kantbanken en andere specifieke machines voor het bewerken van buizen. In de komende jaren willen we onze activiteiten verder verdiepen en verbreden. As an international supplier of a wide range of technical products we are a company that a lot of other manufacturers and installers can count on: these include those in the greenhouse, greenhouse screen installations and greenhouse vent opening systems fields. We are also available for industrial processes such as processing pipes, welding with robots etc.
“We Empower Plant Growth Worldwide” Vertical farming and horticulture systems that give growers the power to provide the highest quality crops efficiently and profitably. With our team of skilled people with backgrounds in multiple technical and horticultural disciplines, we seamlessly connect various fields. This results in a tailor made design with functions that perfectly match your needs. Artechno Growsystems has wide experience in project management from small to very extensive projects. Our main strength lies in our flexibility and ability to realize large projects within a very short time.
AVAG is the association of the Dutch greenhouse construction and technology industry. We represent the common interests of our members and support them in the areas of - Quality (HortiQ) - Innovation (Hortivation) - Internationalization The Netherlands is a globally respected supplier of integrated growing systems, components and associated services. The AVAG affiliated companies sucessfully export their products worldwide and form the basis of years of experience and knowledge that has become invaluable for the industry. Suppliers that are member of AVAG can provide Dutch integrated growing systems for any market, any crop and any climate!
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Hayden Los Angeles and Hayden Girls are LA-designed, inclusive Womens and Tween apparel brands inspired by the birth of the founder’s Granddaughter, Hayden, and motivated by the desire to provide the best quality, style and fit of clothing to ensure every Woman looks and feels her most confident and authentic self. Our unique Casual to Boho in-house designs transcend short-lived fashion trends making them effortlessly timeless for all Women. Hayden Los Angeles is for every Woman who likes individual style that will make her feel her most authentic self.
Our promise: new perspectives New economy opportunities present themselves faster than ever before. New rules of play give a boost to the world of business. And a new generation is ready to do things differently. Better, smarter, more innovative. If you want to be successful in business, you must change yourself as well. Be accepting of change. Be open to the opportunities that come your way. New perspectives: this is what BDO can offer you. thanks to our unique combination of local market knowledge and a global network. Personal service and a professional approach. BDO is happy to help you look at your business from a different perspective. This means you take the right decisions to make your organisation stronger, more agile and more successful. irrespective of whether you are an SME company, family business, public organisation or international company. Look to the future with BDO. Together we can find new insights and new opportunities in your market. Together we create new perspectives.
Beekenkamp Group bundelt haar krachten in drie bedrijven: Beekenkamp Plants, bestaande uit Vegetables en Ornamentals, Deliflor Chrysanten en Beekenkamp Verpakkingen. Deze combinatie geeft Beekenkamp een unieke positie in de markt. Samen voorzien wij onze klanten van de beste kwaliteit chrysanten, plantenrassen en duurzame verpakkingen, zo maken wij de wereld iedere dag een stukje groener.
Greenhouse horticulture also ensures that greenhouse products, such as vegetables and fruit, are delivered to the consumer under the best conditions. So that the best and tastiest products can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. Berg Hortimotive is prou...
Thanks to 30+ years of innovation and through constant innovation, the ROOFMASTER is not just a roofwashing machine to clean greenhouses. It is a harvesting machine for valuable daylight. More light inside the greenhouse equals higher production. With near to 1000 installations sold worldwide, litterally from here to Tokyo, we know what we are talking about.
Best Fresh bestaat uit drie divisies met gespecialiseerde bedrijven die een breed assortiment van groenten en fruit aanbieden. Van een trostomaat, pittig pepertje, biologisch geteelde komkommer tot de exotische mango, je vindt het bij ons allemaal terug. Wij zijn teler, importeur, verpakker, exporteur en distributeur van producten. Deze processen vinden niet alleen plaats in Poeldijk, maar ook in Spanje en Venlo. In totaal werken wij met 400 collega’s iedere dag met volle overgave om onze klanten in binnen- en buitenland te voorzien van onze verse producten.