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Division Q
Division Q

Energy crisis, surface water pollution, nitrogen emissions; In these dynamic times, the right to exist of greenhouse horticulture is under pressure. Sustainability is a necessity. Koppert Cress plays a leading role in horticulture in this area. However, the company wants to take the next step in the coming years and start growing completely emission-free. The company is therefore fully committed to innovation by collaborating with promising startups and wants to inspire the rest of the sector to follow this example. That is why Koppert Cress has decided to transfer its sustainable innovations to a new company that will focus 100% on this: Division Q. In summary, the goal of Division Q is to allow Koppert Cress to grow emission-free through sustainable innovation and the company is the gateway. to horticulture for sustainable innovations. For many years, sustainable innovations have been an important pillar in the success of greenhouse horticulture company Koppert Cress from Monster. The company attaches great importance to producing its cresses and specialties for gastronomy as sustainably as possible. For example, Koppert Cress was one of the very first large-scale users of LED lighting and uses heat and cold storage, solar thermal and aquathermal energy in a unique way. The company is also happy to open its doors to startups to pioneer their new techniques in the greenhouse. In 2016, this earned Koppert Cress the King Willem I Plaque as the most sustainable SME company in the Netherlands. Koppert Cress is raising the bar even higher for the future. In addition to the growth in sales of cresses and specialties, further sustainability of the company is an explicit part of the business plan. By 2025, the company wants to be CO2 neutral, no longer use fossil fuels and only discharge clean water. Completely emission-free cultivation. To achieve this objective, Koppert Cress is launching a new sister company: Division Q.

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